Dear Frantic-heads!

It is with a heavy heart, in the light of cancelled tours and other festivals falling one by one, that we take the only decision possible: to postpone Frantic Fest to 2021.

Unlike other European countries – we think about Germany – the Italian government has not yet spoken with clarity about the fate of gatherings like ours and there are still no certain dates about the end of the restrictions, yet we’re aware it won’t be August. The current emergency is bringing to its knees the entire live music industry, made by big and small events as well as clubs, bands, promoters, technical staff, etc. Our sector was the first one to be hindered and will be the last one to rise again, that’s why it is crucial now to stand together.

Frantic is an independent festival that relies almost entirely on tickets revenues, a part of which has been already used for bands’ deposits, flights, promotion, you name it. Behind Frantic Fest’s organisation there is one year of work, that reaches its peak during those intense three days of mid August – four if we consider the Warm Up Party – where we celebrate Music in its most visceral form. Those of you who have experienced this with us in the previous editions has been part of what we like to call a great family.

We have been able to bring amazing bands, starting from scratch, putting our own skin at risk and solely moved by our passion. If we’ve been able to do this it’s also because of you, for having believed in this festival and this project since day one. We’ve seen it grow and together we’ll make it grow even stronger, so that we can continue to offer you the very best of the music that we all love. This is a moment of utmost and unexpected difficulty, and we need to keep our spirit and attitude alive so we can eventually get over it and take off again. Not even a pandemic can wear down our biggest passion.

What can you do to support Frantic Fest?
Retain your 2020 ticket/pass for the next year is clearly the best way to support us, it will remain valid for 2021.  We are currently working to confirm the same line-up, or at least as close as possible to the one you’ve paid for. In these days we’re in touch with bands and agencies to make this happen, bear with us.

If you want a refund at any cost, we think in particular to those who have bought a single day ticket, please wait a few weeks sto allow us to examine every viable option with our official retailer and we’ll get back to you.

We hope to find you in good health, and that we can meet again under the stage next year, full of energy more than ever.

Stay safe, stay Frantic!