Noisey has recently described him as a Synthwave marvel, the one that can bring us and the entire world straight back into the roaring ‘80s. This is what Massimo Usai, Sardinia native, mind and founder of the project Confrontational, is doing since 2015, with three albums of undisputed value — “A Dance Of Shadows”, “Kingdom Of Night” e “The Burning Dawn” — rich in excellent collaborations: from Cody Carpenter (son of filmmaker John Carpenter) to Tying Tiffany, passing through Monte Pittman (Madonna’s guitarist, ex Prong), Tobias Bernstrup (Swedish legend of italo-disco and 80s revival pioneer), Tony Kim of Dance With The Dead, Darren Travis of Sadus and also Branca Studio who is responsible for his stunning cover artworks.

The band is currently working on a cover album entitled “Under Cover Of Darkness”, a collection aimed to rediscover the origins of Confrontational’s sound.

Date: 17 August 2019 / Time: 23:00 – 23:50

Stage: Small Stage

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