Hideous Divinity

From the inception in 2007 since today the evolution of Hideous Divinity has been crystal clear, from promising newcomers to real protagonists of the worldwide extreme metal scene, forged by great albums and tours in support of Cannibal Corpse, Krisiun, Origin and Cattle Decapitation just to name a few. The recent “Adveniens” has been welcomed with a gasp by the specialized press, due to its obscure death metal brutality that boasts few rivals these days, a blend of wicked vocals, caustic riffs and staggering rhythms. The Roman band will stop at Frantic Fest for an exclusive Italian show on their way back from the Canadian headlining tour.

Facebook Page: Hideous Divinity

Date: 17 Agosto / Time: 22:50 – 23:30

Stage: Small Stage

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