Lento is an instrumental band from Rome, Italy, whose roots are placed in 2004. Their instrospective blend of down tuned guitars, apocalyptic tempos, systematic drones and resonant feedbacks make their music brutal and cathartic at the same time, rich in dynamic, alternating (post) hardcore assaults and intimate collapses. The band started out as a five-piece with three guitars, releasing albums on Supernatural Cat and Denovali Records, before “disappearing” for four years and reappearing in the primodial form of a three-piece: bass, drum and just one guitar involved – the one of mastermind Lorenzo Stecconi. The new album “Fourth” is out for Consouling Sounds and marks a new beginning in the life of Lento.


Facebook Page: Lento

Date: 18 Agosto / Time: 18:10 – 18:45

Stage: Main Stage

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