Ottone Pesante, namely the only band that has been able to reconcile jazzists and metalheads with their Heavy Brass Metal.

In the book of Apocalypse it is told of seven trumpets that announce catastrophes, suffering and death for the inhabitants of the entire known world. Here we only have two trumpets, or better a trumpet and a trombone, accompanied by a slayer-esque drums, a loose cannon that sustains the crazy hijinks of the woodwinds in a sharp way, delivering a crushing and original performance. The three Italian guys are really serious and on their recent “Apocalips” they hired no less than Travis Ryan, vocalist of Cattle Decapitation, appearing in “The Fifth Trumpet”, remarking once again their strong bond with Extreme Metal.

Frantic Fest has the pleasure of hosting one of the most unusual bands out there.

Date: 15 August 2019 / Time: 20:50 – 21:40

Stage: Small Stage

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