Death Doom Metal fans rejoice!
Frantic Fest is proud to bring for the very first time on Italian soil the mighty Phlebotomized, one of the oldest Death Metal bands emerging from Holland in the early 90’s as well as one of the first using violin and synthesizers in Extreme Metal, causing a stir in the booming Dutch and European metal scene back then.

In 1994 their seminal “Immense Intense Suspense” took the Death Metal scene by storm, gaining a legendary Cult status worldwide. The band disbanded in 1997 shortly after the release of their most experimental work, the misunderstood “Skycontact”. The band’s comeback album “Deformation Of Humanity” comes out 22 years after “Skycontact” via Hammerheart Records and shows again every element that distinguishes Phlebotomized from ordinary music.

Date: 17 August 2019 / Time: 19:50 – 20:50

Stage: Main Stage

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