Hailing from the Republic of Ireland, Primordial is that kind of band that sounds like no one else out there. They represent an example of artistic and human coherence like no other, standing out in the prolific yet sometimes battered worldwide metal scene, following a simple rule: no compromise, not then, not now, not ever. Every Primordial album is an epic microcosm of grief, heroism and struggle that instantly quenches our thirst for solemnity, hardly disappointing their fans. Primordial are also known for their ferocious, legendary live prowess, led by one of the best frontmen heavy metal has to offer these days, the charismatic Alan Averill. We are so proud to have them at Frantic 2019, always bloodied yet unbowed!

Date: 16 August 2019 / Time: 21:35 – 22:35

Stage: Main Stage

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