The name Saor means “Free” in Scottish Gaelic and it’s the pseudonym behind the artistic vision of Andy Marshall, founder and mastermind of the band. Since its formation in 2013, Saor has continually evolved while remaining boldly faithful to its Scottish heritage, with an expressive approach that dives deep into lyrical themes based on literature, landscapes, history, melancholy, nature and of course the majestic mountains of Scotland.

Saor is a crossbreed of atmospheric Black Metal, Celtic Folk and traditional Scottish sounds, an unparalleled epic style in which fury and melody work together in perfect harmony under the same roof, increased by the use of violins and flutes that are the beating heart. But Saor has also become synonymous with gripping and emotional live performances, an aspect you are definitely going to witness at Frantic 2019.

Date: 16 August 2019 / Time: 18:05 – 18:50

Stage: Main Stage

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