The Abruzzo-based band led by the mastermind Selvans Haruspex has been haunting the scene with their Dark Metal focused on history, legends and menacing Italian superstitions.

Selvans is a prolific entity and its sodality with the groundbreaking Avantgarde Music, started in 2015 with the EP “Clangores Plenilunio”, boasts already 5 releases to this day. Starting from the archaic atmospheres of their first full length “Lupercalia”, going through the joint record with Downfall Of Nur and a live album, in their latest offering “Faunalia” the sound moves gradually towards most recent epochs, like in a slow journey between the musical seasons of our Country in a personal reinterpretation of Black Metal between hammond organs and prog-oriented cinematic synthesizers, acoustic passages and solemn choral and orchestral parts on which the genious of Morricone benevolently lingers.

Date: 16 August 2019 / Time: 20:35 – 21:25

Stage: Small Stage

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