Established in 2000, the band has been experiencing the combination among the darkest sides of many underground genres like Grindcore, Black/Death metal, Ambient, Drone and Psychedelic Music. The path on which these Italians are currently on can be described as Blackened Post Metal with influences ranging from D-Beat to Sludge Doom, from Grind to Crust, combining violence and melody, darkness even more darkness, feeding on pain and distress layer after layer.

Their latest full length “3: Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals” closes the trilogy of perception started with “Cyclops” in 2007 perfectly reflects the descriprion above, while their most recent EP “City Of Dope And Violence” shows a more refined taste, showing a new take on the band uncompromised sound which marks yet a new evolution in the almost 2-decade-long Underground militancy.

Viscera/// are an unpredictable source of dank freshness, always able to find new solutions on their path while still sounding damn true to themselves.

Date: 17 August 2019 / Time: 18:55 – 19:40

Stage: Small Stage

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