The only predictable thing about Canadian Cosmic-Metal warriors Voivod is that they will forever be unpredictable. Throughout their long-lasting career they literally changed the face of Thrash Metal in the ‘80s, forged new Progressive Metal ground in the ‘90s, and kept up with fresh, inspired music in the 2000s until today, creating a style all their own and breaking every musical boundary possible.

Voivod is one of the most transversal and influential bands of all time in metal and beyond, always able to cover a huge amount of stylistic ground with a weird and unique approach, building up a tenacious and loyal fanbase all over the world. Their spaceship has declared to be landing on Italian soil for an exclusive show at Frantic 2019. Be ready!

Date: 16 August 2019 / Time: 23:45 – 01:00

Stage: Main Stage

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